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Trying to locate a grave at the Brighton General Cemetery (Victoria, Melbourne)?  Then scroll down and submit your research request. 

The author has been assisting the public locate gravesites at the Brighton General Cemetery since 2003, with over 4,100 research requests undertaken.

Keen to connect with living descendants? Search our database of living descendants and we'll get you connected!  To see who else shares an interest with those buried at Brighton, go to our Connecting Descendants page.


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"I was amazed to receive such a speedy reply. Thank you. I had earlier tried to send Brighton Cemetery an email and to phone them." - Maureen, 13 Nov 2017

"You are to be applauded for your efforts." - Alan, 23 Oct 2017

"Thank you for providing the information on our ancestors and family. Much appreciated." - Suzette, 23 Oct 2017

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my request. Sounds like you are kept busy with your contributions towards helping people like me to access information from the cemetery. It is very much appreciated, especially since I live in Queensland and donít travel to Melbourne often at all. Thank you.' - Jenni, 14 Oct 2017

"Thank you so much for the photographs and death entries, wonderful for my research." - Katrina, 4 Oct 2017

"Congratulations on the wonderful service you are providing to seekers like ourselves With thanks." - Colin, 28 Sep 2017

"Thank you for the information, itís much appreciated. Keep up the good work." - Jennifer, 15 Sep 2017

"Thanks so much. So glad to have found your site as have been frustrated for years about accessing Brighton Cemetery records online - don't know how I have not found you sooner!" - Jane, 27 Aug 2017

"Thank you so much ... You are doing an amazing job." - Karen, 25 Aug 2017

"Many thanks for your good work - and ongoing." - Marj, 17 Aug 2017

"I am most grateful for your assistance and again thank you for your very prompt service." - Bev, 13 Aug 2017

"Thank you so much. Love what you are doing and found transcribing very interesting." - Connie, 16 July 2017

"Thank you so much for your tireless work to help people. And congratulations on your hard hard research work much appreciated." - Sue, 8 Jul 2017

"Thank you so much it has been extremely helpful. It is wonderful to be able to get such help when you do not live near Melbourne." - Donna, 7 Jul 2017

"Thanks for your prompt response to my enquiry." - Marg, 30 Jun 2017

"Thank you for your quick response." - Sharon, 27 Jun 2017

"Thank you very much for the extra information, I appreciate it very much." - Michael, 25 Jun 2017

"Thank you thatís an excellent service; well done." - Ted, 19 Jun 2017

"You have certainly contributed to the community in your endeavours and obvious interest in this area. All the accolades you have received are certainly deserved." - Simon, 15 Jun 2017

"Thank you so much for the information l requested. It had me sitting in front of my computer for many hours researching the extra information l received from yourself. I will definately remember to keep you in mind for future searches." - Heather, 13 Jun 2017

"Thank you very much for your wonderful service. I do research all over the world and this kind of resource is indeed scarce!" - Kathy, 10 Jun 2017




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