Crime & Tragedy:

short stories


A Roar like Thunder

Death of a Bluejacket *NEW*

Dive to Destruction

Honour among Thieves

Joyride on the Esplanade

Lehmann the Speed King *NEW*

Massacre at the Botanical Gardens

Mishap or Murder?

Murder by Medicine

Orgy of Drunkenness

Outrage At Lauriston Hall

Southwick of South Yarra

The Artist, the FiancÚ & Murder at Elwood

The Gun Alley Murder

The Highett Railway Disaster

Tragedy on Lake Tyers


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Edward Nathaniel Abrahams (1848-1924)

(Theodore) Penleigh Boyd (1890-1923)

Warwick L. Greville (1937-2006)

Hugh Campbell G. Macindoe (1883-1947)

William Henry Moule (1858-1939)

George Ernest Roberts (1868-1925)

Joseph Leslie Theodore Taylor (1888-1927)

Albert John Thurgood (1874-1927)

Henry Kennedy M. Walker (1872-1925)

Theyre Weigall (1860-1926) *REVISED*

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