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Thomas Albury (1824-94)

Alexander Alexander (c1856-1925)

Lionel Vivian Bunker (1885-1924)

Godfrey Abraham Cohen (1909-2004)

John Cooke (1850-1921)

Alfred Cornish (1854-1924)

H. Edgar Featherstone (c1874-1928)

Samuel Ernest Figgis (c1855-1922)

W. (Walter) Smithers Gadd (c1852-1932)

John Boyle Gason (c1856/65-1915)

John Gordon Gotch (1864-1931)

John Francis Goulding (c1874-1922)

George Hay (1843-1928)

George Herbert (c1855-1926)

James Loller (1827-72)

John Henry S. Lydiard (c1829-1918)

George Winter McRae (1850-1925) and Duncan Kenneth McRae (c1855-1925)

Henry Martin (c1874-1923)

George Walter Nathan (c1863-1932)

Simeon Nathan (c1861-1925)

John Brueze Hingeston Ogier (1821-1913)

Thomas James O'Loughlin (c1866-1929)

George Powell (c1838-1925)

William Rattle (c1829-1920)

David Skene (1855-1921)


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