George Winter McRae (1850-1925) and

Duncan Kenneth McRae (c1855-1925)

Pastoralists In Brief

Buried in the same plot are three children of Duncan McRae (1804-89, Ballarat Old Cemetery), pastoralist and his wife Janet (d 1899).  McRae senior was a dealer at Ballarat and one of 519 signatories to the Benden Hassell (1829-1919) Compensation Case Petition in 1855 when on 28 November 1854 the military, heading for the Ballarat goldfields where pelted by a large number of demonstrators accidentally discharged a shot that wounded Hassell in the leg.  George (1850-1925) and Duncan (c1855-1925) went on to become pioneering pastoralists in northern Western Australia while Elizabeth (1843-1924), eldest of the eight children, married school teacher Thomas Ross (d 1914) who is also interred in the same plot as are two of their children, Elizabeth Ross (d 1943) and Cecilia (d 1949).

Monumental Headstone


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