Crime & Tragedy: short stories

A selection of original short stories on crimes and tragedies written by the author over many years researching the Brighton General Cemetery.

A Roar like Thunder – the collapse of the British Australasian Tobacco Company building on Swanston street in 1925.
Death of a Bluejacket – Australia’s first casualty of the Commonwealth Naval Force (Royal Australian Navy) in 1911.
Dive to Destruction – tragedy at Point Cook involving a training exercise and only the second death of the Royal Australian Air Force in 1925.
Honour among Thieves – when abiding by the underworld’s code of silence is a matter of life or death.
Joyride on the Esplanade – when the lethal mix of freedom of independence and youthful innocence ends in tragedy on the Esplanade.
Lehmann the Speed King – the death of a speed king on the racetrack at Aspendale in 1924.
Massacre at the Botanical Gardens – Melbourne’s first shooting massacre long before Hoddle street, occurred back in 1924.
Mishap or Murder? – a sorry sad tale of the mother murdered by her son in 1932…or was it a mishap?
Murder by Medicine – a shocking family murder-suicide in 1922 at the hands of a Bayside doctor.
Orgy of Drunkenness – when a party of 11 men and seven women ended in tragedy at a house in Prahran.
Outrage At Lauriston Hall – the mysterious murder of a distinguished war hero in 1926.
Southwick of South Yarra – the 1925 murder of a South Yarra businessman by a war veteran suffering from shell-shock.
The Artist, the Fiancé & Murder at Elwood – the unsolved murder from 1931 of a petite girl with the world at her feet.
The Gun Alley Murder – the murder of an innocent schoolgirl that became one of Australia’s truly great sensational crimes of the era.
The Highett Railway Disaster – a shocking tragedy from 1925 at the time the worst level-crossing accident in Victoria’s history.
Tragedy on Lake Tyers – a leisure trip on the Gippsland Lakes that ended in tragedy.