Research Requests

Our research request service is designed to help save time and effort searching the Brighton General Cemetery. No more walking the cemetery grounds searching in vain or waiting for the cemetery office to open. We’re here to help all year around including public holidays and weekends.

Simply submit your research request using the form below. The service will provide you with:

  • Information from the burial register
  • Photos of the grave with a transcription of the headstone
  • A map showing the precise location of the burial site.

Since 2003, over 6155 research requests have been undertaken – well before the cemetery even had a website! Genealogists from around the world have solved countless family mysteries thanks to our help.

Appreciated for the prompt response, why not give it a try? The testimonials speak for itself.

    Note: please include the date or year of death (or approximate)

    Burial Register
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    I wish to receive a map showing the location of the grave