David Skene

David Alexander Skene (1855-1921)

Pastoralist & Stock and Station Owner

Location: Bap*B*9

David Skene, who was born on 1 August 1855, the third son of William Skene (1809-77), pioneer pastoralist and politician and Jane née Robertson (1816-77); his brother Thomas (q.v.) is buried in the Presbyterian portion of the cemetery. Born at Kanawalla in 1855 he was later educated at Scotch College, Melbourne, he owned Pierrepoint Station and co-owned Dundas (7,932 acres). He married Lillias Margaret née Hamilton who bore him four children; William (b 1893; married Phylliss née Thompson), Thomas (1901-30), Joan (d 1944); and Bessie (d 1933). 

Skene died at South Yarra on 22 October 1921.

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